Capture and recreation of higher order 3d sound fields via reciprocity

TitleCapture and recreation of higher order 3d sound fields via reciprocity
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsLi Z, Duraiswami R, Gumerov NA
JournalInternational Conference on Audio Display
Date Published2004///

We propose a unified and simple approach for capturing andrecreating 3D sound fields by exploring the reciprocity prin-
ciple that is satisfied between the two processes. Our ap-
proach makes the system easy to build, and practical. Us-
ing this approach, we can capture the 3D sound field by a
spherical microphone array and recreate it using a spheri-
cal loudspeaker array, and ensure that the recreated sound
field matches the recorded field up to a high order of spheri-
cal harmonics. A design example and simulation results are
presented. For some regular or semi-regular microphone
layouts, we design an efficient parallel implementation of
the multi-directional spherical beamformer by using the ro-
tational symmetries of the beampattern and of the spherical
microphone array. This can be implemented in either soft-
ware or hardware. A simple design example is presented
to demonstrate the idea. It can be easily adapted for other
regular or semi-regular layouts of microphones.