CATVAR: A database of categorial variations for English

TitleCATVAR: A database of categorial variations for English
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsHabash N, Dorr BJ
JournalProceedings of the MT Summit
Pagination471 - 474
Date Published2003///

We present a new large-scale database called “CatVar” (Habash and Dorr, 2003) which contains categorial variationsof English lexemes. Due to the prevalence of cross-language categorial variation in multilingual applications, our
categorial-variation resource may serve as an integral part of a diverse range of natural language applications. Thus, the
research reported herein overlaps heavily with that of the machine-translation, lexicon-construction, and information-
retrieval communities. We demonstrate this database, embedded in a graphical interface; we also show a GUI for user
input of corrections to the database.