Combining Collective Classification and Link Prediction

TitleCombining Collective Classification and Link Prediction
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBilgic M, Namata GM, Getoor L
Conference NameData Mining Workshops, 2007. ICDM Workshops 2007. Seventh IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2007/10//
Keywordsalgorithm;link, classification;, classification;graph, collective, prediction;object, theory;pattern

The problems of object classification (labeling the nodes of a graph) and link prediction (predicting the links in a graph) have been largely studied independently. Commonly, object classification is performed assuming a complete set of known links and link prediction is done assuming a fully observed set of node attributes. In most real world domains, however, attributes and links are often missing or incorrect. Object classification is not provided with all the links relevant to correct classification and link prediction is not provided all the labels needed for accurate link prediction. In this paper, we propose an approach that addresses these two problems by interleaving object classification and link prediction in a collective algorithm. We investigate empirically the conditions under which an integrated approach to object classification and link prediction improves performance, and find that performance improves over a wide range of network types, and algorithm settings.