Comparing the Performance of High-Level Middleware Systems in Shared and Distributed Memory Parallel Environments

TitleComparing the Performance of High-Level Middleware Systems in Shared and Distributed Memory Parallel Environments
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKim J-S, Andrade H, Sussman A
Conference NameParallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, 2005. Proceedings. 19th IEEE International
Date Published2005/04//
ISBN Number0-7695-2312-9
KeywordsApplication software, Computer science, Computer vision, Data analysis, Distributed computing, distributed computing environment, distributed memory parallel environment, distributed shared memory systems, Educational institutions, high-level middleware system, I/O-intensive data analysis application, Libraries, Middleware, parallel computing environment, parallel library support, parallel memories, programming language, programming languages, Runtime environment, shared memory parallel environment, Writing

The utilization of toolkits for writing parallel and/or distributed applications has been shown to greatly enhance developer's productivity. Such an approach hides many of the complexities associated with writing these applications, rather than relying solely on programming language aids and parallel library support, such as MPI or PVM. In this work, we evaluate three different middleware systems that have been used to implement a computation and I/O-intensive data analysis application from the domain of computer vision. This study shows the benefits and overheads associated with each of the middleware systems, in different homogeneous computational environments and with different workloads. Our results lead the way toward being able to make better decisions for tuning the application environment, for selecting the appropriate middleware, and also for designing more powerful middleware systems to efficiently build and run highly complex applications in both parallel and distributed computing environments.