Confluent Volumetric Visualization of Gyrokinetic Turbulence

TitleConfluent Volumetric Visualization of Gyrokinetic Turbulence
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsStantchev G, Juba D, Dorland W, Varshney A
JournalPlasma Science, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination1112 - 1113
Date Published2008/08//
ISBN Number0093-3813
Keywordsflow;plasma, geometry;plasma, gyrokinetic, simulation;nontrivial, simulation;plasma, turbulence;, turbulence;nonlinear, turbulence;volumetric, visualisation;plasma, visualization;flow

Data from gyrokinetic turbulence codes are often difficult to visualize due their high dimensionality, the nontrivial geometry of the underlying grids, and the vast range of spatial scales. We present an interactive visualization framework that attempts to address these issues. Images from a nonlinear gyrokinetic simulation are presented.