Controlled simplification of genus for polygonal models

TitleControlled simplification of genus for polygonal models
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsEl-Sana J, Varshney A
Conference NameVisualization '97., Proceedings
Date Published1997/10//
Keywords(computer, /spl, alpha/-hulls;L/sub, distance, framework;small, geometry;controlled, geometry;data, graphics);, hierarchies;object, holes;triangulations;tunnels;computational, infin//, meshes;polygonal, metric;cavities;computational, models;simplification, rendering;multiresolution, representations;polygonal, simplification;datasets;genus-preserving, simplifications;genus-reducing, simplifications;level-of-detail-based, visualisation;rendering

Genus-reducing simplifications are important in constructing multiresolution hierarchies for level-of-detail-based rendering, especially for datasets that have several relatively small holes, tunnels, and cavities. We present a genus-reducing simplification approach that is complementary to the existing work on genus-preserving simplifications. We propose a simplification framework in which genus-reducing and genus-preserving simplifications alternate to yield much better multiresolution hierarchies than would have been possible by using either one of them. In our approach we first identify the holes and the concavities by extending the concept of alpha;-hulls to polygonal meshes under the L infin; distance metric and then generate valid triangulations to fill them.