Designing Information-Abundant Websites

TitleDesigning Information-Abundant Websites
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsShneiderman B
JournalInstitute for Systems Research Technical Reports
Date Published1996///
Keywordshuman computer interaction, Systems Integration Methodology

The deluge of web pages has generated dystopian commentaries on the tragedy of the flood as well as utopian visions of harnessing the same flood for constructive purposes. Within this ocean of information there are also lifeboat web pages with design principles, but often the style parallels the early user interface writings in the 1970s. The well-intentioned Noahs who write from personal experience as website designers, often draw their wisdom from specific projects, making their advice incomplete or lacking in generalizability. Their experience is valuable but the paucity of empirical data to validate or sharpen insight means that some guidelines are misleading. As scientific evidence accumulates, foundational cognitive and perceptual theories will structure the discussion and guide designers in novel situations.