Efficient model checking via the equational μ-calculus

TitleEfficient model checking via the equational μ-calculus
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsBhat G, Cleaveland R
Conference Name, Eleventh Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science, 1996. LICS '96. Proceedings
Date Published1996/07/27/30
ISBN Number0-8186-7463-6
KeywordsAutomata, BDD-based algorithms, Boolean functions, Calculus, compositional model-checking approaches, computational complexity, Computer science, CTL*, Data structures, Encoding, equational variant, equational μ-calculus, Equations, expressive temporal logic, Logic, Maintenance, modal μ-calculus, Model checking, on-the-fly procedures, Surges, temporal logic, temporal logic model checking, unified framework

This paper studies the use of an equational variant of the modal μ-calculus as a unified framework for efficient temporal logic model checking. In particular we show how an expressive temporal logic, CTL*, may be efficiently translated into the μ-calculus. Using this translation, one may then employ μ-calculus model-checking techniques, including on-the-fly procedures, BDD-based algorithms and compositional model-checking approaches, to determine if systems satisfy formulas in CTL*