Evaluation Techniques Applied to Domain Tuning of MT Lexicons

TitleEvaluation Techniques Applied to Domain Tuning of MT Lexicons
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsAyan NF, Dorr BJ, Kolak O
JournalProceedings of the Workshop “Towards Systematizing MT Evaluation
Pagination3 - 11
Date Published2003///

We describe a set of evaluation techniques applied to domain tuning of bilingual lexicons for machine translation.Our overall objective is to translate a domain-specific document in a foreign language (in this case, Chinese) to En-
glish. First, we perform an intrinsic evaluation of the effectiveness of our domain-tuning techniques by comparing
our domain-tuned lexicon to a manually constructed domain-specific bilingual termlist. Our results indicate that we
achieve 66% recall and 95% precision with respect to a human-derived gold standard. Next, an extrinsic evaluation
demonstrates that our domain-tuned lexicon improves the Bleu scores 50% over a statistical system—with a smaller
improvement when the system is trained on a uniformly-weighted dictionary.