Experiences building a syntax-directed editor

TitleExperiences building a syntax-directed editor
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsZelkowitz MV, Kowalchack B, Itkin D, Herman L
JournalSoftware Engineering Journal
Pagination294 - 294
Date Published1989/11//
ISBN Number0268-6961
Keywordsapplications;, editing;, editor;, engineering;, environment;, environments;, microcomputer, microprocessor;, portability;, Programming, robust, software, software;, Support, syntax-directed, text

The paper presents a set of techniques for building robust software using the development of a microprocessor SUPPORT programming environment as an example. It discusses some of the attributes built into the system to best handle the concerns of portability, functionality, and effectiveness that had to be dealt with for the system to be reliable on a small machine, and it describes some of the choices made to obtain the best use of available hardware