Exploring distributions: design and evaluation

TitleExploring distributions: design and evaluation
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSopan A, Freire M, Taieb-Maimon M, Golbeck J, Shneiderman B
JournalUniversity of Maryland, Human-Computer Interaction Lab Tech Report HCIL-2010-01
Date Published2010///

Visual overviews of tables of numerical and categorical data have been proposed for tables with a single value per cell.In this paper we address the problem of exploring tables including columns consisting of distributions, e.g. the distributions of movie
ratings or trust ratings in recommender systems, age distributions in demographic data, usage distributions in logs of telephone calls
etc. We propose a novel way of displaying and interacting with distribution data, and present the results of a usability study that
demonstrates the benefits of the interface in providing an overview of the data and facilitating the discovery of interesting clusters,
patterns, outliers and relationships between columns.