Hierarchical Layouts for Photo Libraries

TitleHierarchical Layouts for Photo Libraries
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsKustanowitz J, Shneiderman B
JournalIEEE Multimedia
Pagination62 - 72
Date Published2006/12//Oct
ISBN Number1070-986X
Keywordsannotated digital photo collection, auto-layout technique, bi-level hierarchies, Computer science, data visualisation, digital libraries, document image processing, Information Visualization, interactive algorithms, interactive displays, Libraries, Lifting equipment, Organization Charts, photo collections, photo layouts, photo library, Photography, quantum content, Silver, Springs, User interfaces, Web pages

We use an annotated digital photo collection to demonstrate a two-level auto-layout technique consisting of a central primary region with secondary regions surrounding it. Because the object sizes within regions can only be changed in discrete units, we refer to them as quantum content. Our real-time algorithms enable a compelling interactive display as users resize the canvas, or move and resize the primary region