High Performance Communication between Parallel Programs

TitleHigh Performance Communication between Parallel Programs
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsLee J-Y, Sussman A
Conference NameParallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, 2005. Proceedings. 19th IEEE International
Date Published2005/04//
ISBN Number0-7695-2312-9
KeywordsAdaptive arrays, Analytical models, Chaotic communication, Computational modeling, Computer science, Data analysis, data distribution, Educational institutions, high performance communication, image data analysis, image resolution, inter-program communication patterns, InterComm, Libraries, Message passing, parallel languages, parallel libraries, parallel programming, parallel programs, performance evaluation, Wind

We present algorithms for high performance communication between message-passing parallel programs, and evaluate the algorithms as implemented in InterComm. InterComm is a framework to couple parallel programs in the presence of complex data distributions within a coupled application. Multiple parallel libraries and languages may be used in the different programs of a single coupled application. The ability to couple such programs is required in many emerging application areas, such as complex simulations that model physical phenomena at multiple scales and resolutions, and image data analysis applications. We describe the new algorithms we have developed for computing inter-program communication patterns. We present experimental results showing the performance of various algorithmic tradeoffs, and also compare performance against an earlier system.