Incremental implementation model for relational databases with transaction time

TitleIncremental implementation model for relational databases with transaction time
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsJensen CS, Mark L, Roussopoulos N
JournalIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
Pagination461 - 473
Date Published1991/12//
ISBN Number1041-4347
KeywordsComputational modeling, Computer science, Data models, data retrieval, Database languages, Database systems, database theory, decremental computations, deferred update, Degradation, differential computation, historical data, History, incremental computations, Information retrieval, partitioned storage models, queries, relational data model, Relational databases, stored views, Transaction databases, transaction time, view materialization

An implementation model for the standard relational data model extended with transaction time is presented. The implementation model integrates techniques of view materialization, differential computation, and deferred update into a coherent whole. It is capable of storing any view (reflecting past or present states) and subsequently using stored views as outsets for incremental and decremental computations of requested views, making it more flexible than previously proposed partitioned storage models. The working and the expressiveness of the model are demonstrated by sample queries that show how historical data are retrieved