Integration of local and global shape analysis for logo classification

TitleIntegration of local and global shape analysis for logo classification
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsNeumann J, Samet H, Soffer A
JournalPattern Recognition Letters
Pagination1449 - 1457
Date Published2002/10//
ISBN Number0167-8655
KeywordsImage databases, Logos, shape recognition, shape representation, Symbol recognition

A comparison is made of global and local methods for the shape analysis of logos in an image database. The qualities of the methods are judged by using the shape signatures to define a similarity metric on the logos. As representatives for the two classes of methods, we use the negative shape method which is based on local shape information and a wavelet-based method which makes use of global information. We apply both methods to images with different kinds of degradations and examine how a particular degradation highlights the strengths and shortcomings of each method. Finally, we use these results to develop a new adaptive weighting scheme which is based on the relative performances of the two methods. This scheme gives rise to a new method that is much more robust with respect to all degradations examined and works by automatically predicting if the negative shape or wavelet method is performing better.