Integrity constraints: Semantics and applications

TitleIntegrity constraints: Semantics and applications
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsGodfrey P, Grant J, Gryz J, Minker J
JournalLogics for databases and information systems
Pagination265 - 306
Date Published1998///

Integrity constraints axe introduced in a logical framework. Examples are given to illustrate the expressiveness of integrity constraints. Various definitions for the semantics of integrity constraints are defined and compared. Additional types of constraints are also mentioned. Techniques of reasoning with integrity constraints, including model elimination and the residue method, are explained. Applications of integrity constraints considered in detail, including semantic query optimization, cooperative answering, combining databases, and view updates. Additional applications to order optimization, query folding, object-oriented databases, and database security are sketched. The conclusion lists areas of integrity constraints that need to be investigated.