MANDATE: managing networks using database technology

TitleMANDATE: managing networks using database technology
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsHaritsa JR, Ball MO, Roussopoulos N, Datta A, Baras JS
JournalIEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
Pagination1360 - 1372
Date Published1993/12//
ISBN Number0733-8716
KeywordsCommunication networks, database management systems, enterprise communication networks, Heart, Information management, interface, internetworking, Local area networks, management functionality, management information database, managing networks using database technology, MANDATE, Manufacturing, network operating systems, open systems, Optical fiber cables, Research and development management, Technology management, telecommunication network management, Transaction databases, wide area networks

There has been a growing demand for the development of tools to manage enterprise communication networks. A management information database is the heart of a network management system-it provides the interface between all functions of the network management system and, therefore, has to provide sophisticated functionality allied with high performance. The authors introduce the design of MANDATE (MAnaging Networks using DAtabase TEchnology), a proposed database system for effectively supporting the management of large enterprise networks. The MANDATE design makes a conscious attempt to take advantage of the special characteristics of network data and transactions, and of advances in database technology, to efficiently derive some of the required management functionality