The manifolds of spatial hearing

TitleThe manifolds of spatial hearing
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsDuraiswami R, Raykar VC
Conference NameAcoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 2005. Proceedings. (ICASSP '05). IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2005/03//
Keywordsacoustics;, dimensional, direction, distance;, EMBEDDING, encoding;, geodesic, Head, hearing, hearing;, HRIR, impulse, information, interpolation;, learned, linear, localization;, locally, low, manifold, manifold;, manifolds;, nonlinear, perceptual, related, response;, responses;, sound, source, spatial, structure;, technique;, transient

We present exploratory studies on learning the non-linear manifold structure, in head related impulse responses (HRIRs). We use the recently popular locally linear embedding technique. The lower dimensional manifold encodes the perceptual information in the HRIRs, namely the direction of the sound source. Based on this, we propose a new method for HRIR interpolation. We also propose that the distance between two HRIRs of an individual be taken as the geodesic distance on the learned manifold.