Model Based Design Verification: A Monitor Based Approach

TitleModel Based Design Verification: A Monitor Based Approach
Publication TypeReports
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAckermann C, Ray A, Cleaveland R, Heit J, Martin C, Shelton C
Date Published2008/04//
InstitutionSAE International
CityWarrendale, PA

This paper assesses the utility of an automated functional verification methodology in the design of a body electronics application. The use of design models as detailed specifications for software is gaining steady acceptance in the automotive industry because of the advantages it offers in terms of rapid system prototyping and automatic code generation. This paper argues that such modeling effort can also be used to provide support for design verification, so that errors may be pinpointed before they find their way into code, when they become much harder and more expensive to isolate, diagnose and repair.