Model theoretic approach to view updates in deductive databases

TitleModel theoretic approach to view updates in deductive databases
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsFernandez JA, Grant J, Minker J
JournalJournal of Automated Reasoning
Pagination171 - 197
Date Published1996///

The view update problem for deductive databases has been defined as the problem of accomplishing the update of an intensional predicate by modifying appropriately the extensional database. A previous paper by Grant, Horty, Lobo, and Minker developed algorithms for the insertion and the deletion of an intensional predicate in certain important classes of stratified disjunctive deductive databases. This paper introduces a model theoretic approach which encompasses a wide class of Herbrand semantics, including the perfect model and stable model semantics, for disjunctive databases including negation. This generalizes the earlier results: now the intensional database may contain disjunctive and denial rules, and the database may be required to satisfy integrity constraints. As in the previous paper, the algorithms are proved to be correct and best according to the criterion of causing minimal change to the database, where the first priority is to minimize deletions.