Multidimensional data structures for spatial applications

TitleMultidimensional data structures for spatial applications
Publication TypeBook Chapters
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSamet H
EditorAtallah MJ, Blanton M
Book TitleAlgorithms and theory of computation handbookAlgorithms and theory of computation handbook
Pagination6 - 6
PublisherChapman & Hall/CRC
ISBN Number978-1-58488-822-2

An overview is presented of a number of representations of multidimensional data that arise in spatial applications. Multidimensional spatial data consists of points as well as objects that have extent such as line segments, rectangles, regions, and volumes. The points may have locational as well as nonlocational attributes. The focus is on spatial data which is a subset of multidimensional data consisting of points with locational attributes and objects with extent. The emphasis is on hierarchical representations based on the "divide-and-conquer" problem-solving paradigm. They are of interest because they enable focusing computational resources on the interesting subsets of data. Thus, there is no need to expend work where the payoff is small. These representations are of use in operations such as range searching and finding nearest neighbors.