Optimal design of signaling networks for Internet telephony

TitleOptimal design of signaling networks for Internet telephony
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsSrinivasan A, Ramakrishnan KG, Kumaran K, Aravamudan M, Naqvi S
Conference NameIEEE INFOCOM 2000. Nineteenth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies. Proceedings
Date Published2000///
ISBN Number0-7803-5880-5
Keywordsbandwidth allocation, Computational efficiency, Computer networks, Cost function, Demand forecasting, demand forecasts, graph theory, graphical design tool, Internet telephony, Linear programming, Load forecasting, Load management, Network topology, optimal design, optimal load balancing, optimisation, performance, quadratic assignment problem, random graphs, randomised algorithms, randomized heuristics, Signal design, signaling networks, Switches, telecommunication signalling, topology design

We present an approach for efficient design of a signaling network for a network of software switches supporting Internet telephony. While one may take an integer programming approach to solve this problem, it quickly becomes intractable even for modest-sized networks. Instead, our topology design uses random graphs that we show to be nearly optimal in cost, highly connected, and computationally efficient even for large networks. We then formulate a quadratic assignment problem (QAP) to map the abstract topology into the physical network to achieve optimal load balancing for given demand forecasts, which we solve using randomized heuristics. Numerical results on several example networks illustrate the performance and computational efficiency of our method. A graphical design tool has been developed based on our algorithms