RTSL: a language for real-time schedulability analysis

TitleRTSL: a language for real-time schedulability analysis
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsFredette AN, Cleaveland R
Conference NameReal-Time Systems Symposium, 1993., Proceedings.
Date Published1993/12/01/3
ISBN Number0-8186-4480-X
KeywordsAlgebra, Algorithm design and analysis, Dynamic scheduling, Failure analysis, finite state machines, finite state systems, formal logic, formal semantics, functional behavior, generalized approach, generalized schedulability analysis technique, Process algebra, Processor scheduling, reachable state space, Real time systems, real-time schedulability analysis, Real-Time Specification Language, real-time systems, RTSL, scheduling, Scheduling algorithm, scheduling discipline, Specification languages, state-based analysis, State-space methods, Time factors, Timing, timing behavior, timing constraints, timing exceptions

The paper develops a generalized approach to schedulability analysis that is mathematically founded in a process algebra called RTSL. Within RTSL one may describe the functional behavior, timing behavior, timing constraints (or deadlines), and scheduling discipline for real-time systems. The formal semantics of RTSL then allows the reachable state space of finite state systems to be automatically generated and searched for timing exceptions. We provide a generalized schedulability analysis technique to perform this state-based analysis