Securing Circuits against Constant-Rate Tampering

TitleSecuring Circuits against Constant-Rate Tampering
Publication TypeBook Chapters
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsDachman-Soled D, Kalai YTauman
EditorSafavi-Naini R, Canetti R
Book TitleAdvances in Cryptology – CRYPTO 2012
Series TitleLecture Notes in Computer Science
Pagination533 - 551
PublisherSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
ISBN Number978-3-642-32008-8, 978-3-642-32009-5
Keywordscircuit compiler, Computer Communication Networks, computers and society, Data Encryption, Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science, Management of Computing and Information Systems, PCP of proximity, side-channel attacks, Systems and Data Security, tampering

We present a compiler that converts any circuit into one that remains secure even if a constant fraction of its wires are tampered with. Following the seminal work of Ishai et. al. (Eurocrypt 2006), we consider adversaries who may choose an arbitrary set of wires to corrupt, and may set each such wire to 0 or to 1, or may toggle with the wire. We prove that such adversaries, who continuously tamper with the circuit, can learn at most logarithmically many bits of secret information (in addition to black-box access to the circuit). Our results are information theoretic.