SEL's software process improvement program

TitleSEL's software process improvement program
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsBasili VR, Zelkowitz MV, McGarry F, Page J, Waligora S, Pajerski R
JournalSoftware, IEEE
Pagination83 - 87
Date Published1995/11//
ISBN Number0740-7459
Keywordsbaseline;detailed, engineering, engineering;, evolving, improvement, Laboratory;continually, measurements;experiment, plans;production, process, program;software, projects;training;software, SEL, software

We select candidates for process change on the basis of quantified Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL) experiences and clearly defined goals for the software. After we select the changes, we provide training and formulate experiment plans. We then apply the new process to one or more production projects and take detailed measurements. We assess process success by comparing these measures with the continually evolving baseline. Based upon the results of the analysis, we adopt, discard, or revise the process