A Software Architectural Approach to Security by Design

TitleA Software Architectural Approach to Security by Design
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsRay A, Cleaveland R
Conference NameComputer Software and Applications Conference, 2006. COMPSAC '06. 30th Annual International
Date Published2006/09/17/21
ISBN Number0-7695-2655-1
Keywordsarchitecture description notation, Clocks, communication semantics, Computer architecture, computer crime, computer security, Connectors, Costs, Degradation, Delay, Educational institutions, security design, security of data, Software architecture, software engineering

This paper shows how an architecture description notation that has support for timed events can be used to provide a meta-language for specifying exact communication semantics. The advantages of such an approach is that a designer is made fully aware of the ramifications of her design choices so that an attacker can no longer take advantage of hidden assumptions