A Special-Function Unit for Sorting and Sort-Based Database Operations

TitleA Special-Function Unit for Sorting and Sort-Based Database Operations
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsRaschid L, Fei T, Lam H, Su SYW
JournalIEEE Transactions on Computers
Pagination1071 - 1077
Date Published1986/12//
ISBN Number0018-9340
KeywordsApplication software, Computer applications, Database machines, Hardware, hardware sorter, Microelectronics, Software algorithms, Software design, Software systems, sort-based algorithms for database operations, sorting, special-function processor, Technology management

Achieving efficiency in database management functions is a fundamental problem underlying many computer applications. Efficiency is difficult to achieve using the traditional general-purpose von Neumann processors. Recent advances in microelectronic technologies have prompted many new research activities in the design, implementation, and application of database machines which are tailored for processing database management functions. To build an efficient system, the software algorithms designed for this type of system need to be tailored to take advantage of the hardware characteristics of these machines. Furthermore, special hardware units should be used, if they are cost- effective, to execute or to assist the execution of these software algorithms.