Supporting statistical electronic table usage by citizens

TitleSupporting statistical electronic table usage by citizens
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsHert CA, Liddy ED, Shneiderman B, Marchionini G
JournalCommun. ACM
Pagination52 - 54
Date Published2003/01//
ISBN Number0001-0782

Over 70 agencies at the federal level are charged with collecting data and producing and disseminating statistics. These statistics are used to inform government policy, shape health care initiatives, provide information on the state of the economy, and others. They also have significant impact on the lives of citizens who use the statistics, for example, to determine job opportunities, changes in social security benefits, and quality of life in particular areas. Our digital government project developed several specific technologies to support the location, manipulation, and understanding of a quintessential format for statistical information---the table.