TACKing Together Efficient Authentication, Revocation, and Privacy in VANETs

TitleTACKing Together Efficient Authentication, Revocation, and Privacy in VANETs
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsStuder A, Elaine Shi, Bai F, Perrig A
Date Published2009
Keywordsad hoc networks, data privacy, eavesdropper, IEEE 1609.2 standard, Message authentication, mobile radio, public key cryptography, public key infrastructure, remove malevolent vehicle, telecommunication security, temporary anonymous certified key, valid vehicle identification, VANET key management, VANET security, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, Vehicles, vehicular ad hoc network

Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) require a mechanism to help authenticate messages, identify valid vehicles, and remove malevolent vehicles. A public key infrastructure (PKI) can provide this functionality using certificates and fixed public keys. However, fixed keys allow an eavesdropper to associate a key with a vehicle and a location, violating drivers' privacy. In this work we propose a VANET key management scheme based on temporary anonymous certified keys (TACKs). Our scheme efficiently prevents eavesdroppers from linking a vehicle's different keys and provides timely revocation of misbehaving participants while maintaining the same or less overhead for vehicle-to-vehicle communication as the current IEEE 1609.2 standard for VANET security.