Temporal clues in handwriting

TitleTemporal clues in handwriting
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsDoermann D, Rosenfeld A
Conference NamePattern Recognition, 1992. Vol.II. Conference B: Pattern Recognition Methodology and Systems, Proceedings., 11th IAPR International Conference on
Date Published1992/09/03/aug
Keywordscharacter, extraction;, feature, handwriting, information, offline, online, recognition;, techniques;, temporal

Handwritten character recognition is typically classified as online or offline depending on the nature of the input data. Online data consists of a temporal sequence of instrument positions while offline data is in the form of a 2D image of the writing sample. Online recognition techniques have been relatively successful but have the disadvantage of requiring the data to be gathered during the writing process. This paper presents work on the extraction of temporal information from static images of handwriting and its implications for character recognition