VidMAP: video monitoring of activity with Prolog

TitleVidMAP: video monitoring of activity with Prolog
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsShet VD, Harwood D, Davis LS
Conference NameAdvanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance, 2005. AVSS 2005. IEEE Conference on
Date Published2005/09//
Keywordsactivities, algorithms;, based, Computer, computerised, engine;, higher, image, level, Logic, monitoring;, multicamera, processing;, programming;, Prolog, PROLOG;, reasoning, recognition;, scenario;, signal, streaming;, streams;, Surveillance, surveillance;, system;, video, VISION, vision;, visual

This paper describes the architecture of a visual surveillance system that combines real time computer vision algorithms with logic programming to represent and recognize activities involving interactions amongst people, packages and the environments through which they move. The low level computer vision algorithms log primitive events of interest as observed facts, while the higher level Prolog based reasoning engine uses these facts in conjunction with predefined rules to recognize various activities in the input video streams. The system is illustrated in action on a multi-camera surveillance scenario that includes both security and safety violations.