View-dependent topology simplification

TitleView-dependent topology simplification
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsEl-Sana J, Varshney A
JournalVirtual Environments
Pagination11 - 22
Date Published1999///

We propose a technique for performing view-dependent sim-plifications for level-of-detail-based renderings of complex models. Our
method is based on exploiting frame-to-frame coherence and is tolerant
of various commonly found degeneracies in real-life polygonal models.
The algorithm proceeds by preprocessing the input dataset into a binary
tree of vertex collapses. This tree is used at run time to generate the
triangles for display. Dependencies to avoid mesh foldovers in manifold
regions of the input object are stored in the tree in an implicit fashion.
This obviates the need for any extra storage for dependency pointers and
suggests a potential for application to external memory prefetching algo-
rithms. We also propose a distance metric that can be used to unify the
geometry and genus simplifications with the view-dependent parameters
such as viewpoint, view-frustum, and local illumination.