Visualization of large data sets with the Active Data Repository

TitleVisualization of large data sets with the Active Data Repository
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsKurc T, Catalyurek U, Chang C, Sussman A, Saltz J
JournalIEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
Pagination24 - 33
Date Published2001/08//Jul
ISBN Number0272-1716
Keywordsactive data repository, ADR runtime system, Algorithm design and analysis, application-specific processing, C++, data mining, data retrieval, data visualisation, Data visualization, distributed-memory parallel machines, Indexing, Information retrieval, isosurface rendering, Isosurfaces, large data sets, large-scale multidimensional data, Memory management, modular services, out-of-core data sets, parallel machine, Parallel machines, Partitioning algorithms, ray-casting-based volume rendering, Rendering (computer graphics), Runtime, software libraries, storage management

We implement ray-casting-based volume rendering and isosurface rendering methods using the Active Data Repository (ADR) for visualizing out-of-core data sets. We have developed the ADR object-oriented framework to provide support for applications that employ range queries with user-defined mapping and aggregation operations on large-scale multidimensional data. ADR targets distributed-memory parallel machines with one or more disks attached to each node. It is designed as a set of modular services implemented in C++, which can be customized for application-specific processing. The ADR runtime system supports common operations such as memory management, data retrieval, and scheduling of processing across a parallel machine