Web Monitoring 2.0: Crossing Streams to Satisfy Complex Data Needs

TitleWeb Monitoring 2.0: Crossing Streams to Satisfy Complex Data Needs
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsRoitman H, Gal A, Raschid L
Conference NameIEEE 25th International Conference on Data Engineering, 2009. ICDE '09
Date Published2009/04/29/March
ISBN Number978-1-4244-3422-0
KeywordsBandwidth, complex client information need, Data Delivery, Data engineering, database management systems, Educational institutions, Internet, Mashups, mashups generation, Monitoring, multiple information source, offline algorithmic solution, Portals, PROBES, Profiles, Query processing, scalability, scheduling, volatile information stream, Web 2.0, Web Monitoring

Web monitoring 2.0 supports the complex information needs of clients who probe multiple information sources and generate mashups by integrating across these volatile streams. A proxy that aims at satisfying multiple customized client profiles will face a scalability challenge in trying to maximize the number of clients served while at the same time fully satisfying complex client needs. In this paper, we introduce an abstraction of complex execution intervals, a combination of time intervals and information streams, to capture complex client needs. Given some budgetary constraints (e.g., bandwidth), we present offline algorithmic solutions for the problem of maximizing completeness of capturing complex profiles.